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Cheap hotels in Hamburg

Those looking for a budget hotel in Hamburg can find a good selection of hotels, especially in areas like St. Pauli and St. Georg, but also in the more central areas of the city. A double room in a cheap hotel in Hamburg costs on average between 35 and 45 Euros, but offers vary depending on the type of room, ancillary services available in the hotel and the area where it is located.

Refining the search for the cheapest hotels in Hamburg that however guarantee excellent standard amenities such as free Internet Wi- Fi and breakfast included, prices are between 45 and 70 Euros per night.

Standard amenities of cheap hotels in Hamburg usually include 24/24 reception service, free internet, free breakfast and bar or hot drinks and snacks vending machines.

There are also low-cost hotels in Hamburg, for less than 50 Euros per night, which can be found in the peripheral area and in the outer urban fringe of the city. In this case, however, it is convenient to consider each time whether it is advisable to book a room at a hotel in a suburb of Hamburg and spend more in terms of transfer and time it takes to reach your destination or book a cheap hotel in central Hamburg.

Best sold hotels in Hamburg this week

Arena Hostel Hamburg
Arena Hostel Hamburg *
This Hamburg hostel is located at Eidelstedt S-Bahn Train Station, a 10-minute walk from the Imtech Arena and the O2 World Arena. It offers free...
Mercedes **
Centrally located in the heart of the Hanseatic city, this small but extraordinary hotel awaits you with modern guestrooms and a lively atmosphere...
Aparion Apartments Hamburg
Aparion Apartments Hamburg
Situated in the Eimsbüttel district of Hamburg, Aparion Apartments Hamburg offer modern studios equipped with a kitchenette. Free wired internet is...
A1 Raststatte & Hotel Hamburg-Stillhorn
A1 Raststatte & Hotel Hamburg-Stillhorn ***
This hotel is conveniently situated at a motorway service area to the south of Hamburg, and is accessible from both directions of the A1 motorway...

Discount hotels in Hamburg

Hotels reviews Price

A&O Hamburg City Sued 2

Spaldingstraße 160

7.0/10 € 27

Hotel Lauenburger Hof 2

Wentorfer Str. 3

5.7/10 € 29

Phoenix City Hotel 3

Kirchenallee 56

6.8/10 € 30

A&O Hamburg Reeperbahn 1

Reeperbahn 154

6.6/10 € 31

Novum Hotel Hamburg 3

Steindamm 29

7.2/10 € 33

Cheap apartments Hamburg

Hotels reviews Price

SleepLounge Appartments Am Airport Hamburg 2

Heschredder 93

7.3/10 € 50

Vogels-Nest Boardinghouse Niendorf 3

Emmy-Beckmann-Weg 28

7.4/10 € 60

City-Apartments Hamburg 0

Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 139-139A

8.8/10 € 70

Gastehaus Picklapp Hamburg 3

Krögen 3

7.1/10 € 75

Ferienwohnung Hamburg 0

Denksteinweg 59

8.8/10 € 90

Sleeping in a hostel in Hamburg

Hotels reviews Price

Hostel Hamburg Horner Rennbahn 2

Rennbahnstr. 100

7.8/10 € 26

Fair Price Hostel Letzter Heller 1

Letzter Heller 11

6.6/10 € 29

Jugendherberge Auf dem Stintfang 3

Alfred-Wegener-Weg 5

8.3/10 € 30

Bedpark Altona 0

Stresemannstr. 117

7.1/10 € 30

A&O Hamburg Hauptbahnhof 2

Amsinckstr. 2

7.0/10 € 34

Motels in Hamburg

Hotels reviews Price

Motel 21 1

Droopweg 21

5.9/10 € 39

* Hotel prices are per night per room and are subject to changes depending on the requested dates.