Bruges, 1 night from €19

Cheap Hotels in Bruges

Millions of people every year browse budget hotels in Bruges, the most beautiful city in Flanders, to immerse themselves in its medieval streets and get lost walking through its hundred canals.

However, there are not so many cheap hotels in Bruges in the historic area of the canals; here in fact you will only find a few small 2- or 3-star hotels offering a double room at rates between € 90/100 per night. A wider range of hotels is found instead in the outer strip of the city towards the hinterland, between St -Michiels, Assebroek or near the marine park Boudewijn Seapark: here prices for the same room type are around € 70 a night.

There is no difference between low and high season, as from spring to fall prices and services remain unchanged. Only during the winter, between November and February, when temperatures drop even prices do, and you can also find 2- or 3-star hotels in the historical centre for € 70 per night.

Anyone wishing to find a last minute cheap hotel in Bruges without opting for the nearby Brussels, should make the reservation at least three or four months in advance, but better still five or six, and choosing a refundable rate that allows guests to cancel their reservation. This is because hotels in the centre are very few and all have a few rooms, conversely, lots of people dream of spending a night in Europe’s most medieval town are lots.

Best sold hotels in Bruges this week

Charlie Rockets
Charlie Rockets
Located in the centre of Bruges, 350 metres from Market Square, Charlie Rockets Youth Hostel offers functional accommodation, a bar and a...
T' Putje ***
Hotel ‘t Putje is located in the heart of the medieval centre, just opposite the Concert Hall and a 10-minute walk away from the Market Square and...
Aarsabroch Bed and Breakfast
Aarsabroch Bed and Breakfast
Just outside Bruges’ city centre, this bed and breakfast offers simply furnished rooms with free Wi-Fi. Bike rentals are available and Bruges...
Ridderspoor Holiday Flats
Ridderspoor Holiday Flats ***
Ridderspoor offers comfortable holiday flats at 5 minutes from the Market in Bruges. There is a computer with free Wi-Fi in each flat.Each...

Discount hotels in Bruges

Hotels reviews Price

Graaf van Vlaanderen 1

T Zand 19

6.4/10 € 50

Campanile Brugge Bruges 3

Jagerstraat 20

7.5/10 € 54

'T Roodhof 2

Nieuwburgstraat 32

7.8/10 € 54

Hotel 'T Bagientje 1

Oostmeers 128

8.4/10 € 55

ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station previously Etap Hotel 1

Marie Popelinplantsoen 4

7.9/10 € 56

Cheap apartments Bruges

Hotels reviews Price

Lokkedize 1

Korte Vuldersstraat 33

8.8/10 € 90

Best sold hostels in Bruges

Hotels reviews Price

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel 0

Ezelstraat 47-49

7.5/10 € 17

Hostel Bruges Inn Center 0

Dweersstraat 28

6.4/10 € 35

Aan de Plas 0

Blankenbergse Dijk 75

8.1/10 € 70

Guesthouse Abiente 4

Eekhoutstraat 30

9.7/10 € 90

Bed and Breakfast - Bruges B&Bs

Hotels reviews Price

B&B Huyze Uthopia 0

Astridlaan 141

9.6/10 € 45

Andre's Bed & Breakfast 2

Velodroomstraat 126

8.4/10 € 60

Roseland Bed & Breakfast 2

Warande 13

9.2/10 € 70

B&B Atlas Guesthouse 3

Zevenbergenlaan 1

9.0/10 € 70

B&B Leonardo 1

Julius & Maurice Sabbestraat 46

8.6/10 € 70

* Hotel prices are per night per room and are subject to changes depending on the requested dates.