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Apartments in Bruges

Rental apartments in Bruges are not really “cheap” because the average cost of most hotels of the same category is definitely lower. However, the high prices is definitely reasonable due their high standard.

Indeed, Bruges rental apartments are almost all located in the historical centre, housed in charming, medieval buildings. As if you could choose to sleep in Venice in the tower of a 13th century castle.

Nevertheless, the physical proximity to the metropolis of Brussels, with its wide range of modern apartments at bargain prices, invalidates the demand for apartments in Bruges outside the historical centre. It is no coincidence that none of these facilities get a score of less than 9 from guests, and, some are even close to maximum.

The price for an apartment for two in central Bruges ranges from € 130 to € 250 per night, and up to € 300-400, and the minimum stay is often three or four nights, so if you select one or two nights, consider that the already low offer approaches zero.

As for cheap hotels, rental apartments in Bruges have similar prices from a season to the other and even during the winter the few facilities are fully book well in advance. Therefore, we recommend booking your apartment in Bruges opting for those facilities that offer rates with no cancellation penalties.

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Best sold low cost apartments in Bruges

Hotels reviews Price

Lokkedize 1

Korte Vuldersstraat 33

8.8/10 € 90

Ridderspoor Holiday Flats 3

Riddersstraat 18

8.4/10 € 110

Aragon House 4

Kuiperstraat 37

9.1/10 € 129

Holiday Home t' Keerske 0

Keerstraat 4

9.4/10 € 130

De Loft 1

Kleine Kuipersstraat 6

8.9/10 € 135

Charming House 0

Sint-Walburgastraat 10

9.1/10 € 150

House of Elements 1

Kraanplein 1

8.7/10 € 150

Art Deco Loft 1

Sint Jansplein 5

8.8/10 € 520

* Hotel prices are per night per room and are subject to changes depending on the requested dates.