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Choosing a B&B in Paris

We already know how original the French can be when they talk, and just as they have ordinateures – which only recently have started to be actually called “Computers” – they even have another way to call B&Bs: chambres d’hotes, that are nothing more than rooms with breakfast included.

The majority of B&Bs in Paris are housed in private homes with an area for tourists and travelers, who can use a room and a bathroom. This lodging solution gives you the opportunity to enjoy the typical Parisian hospitality and breakfast: hot drinks, fruit juice, fruit, bread with jam, sweet or salted biscuit and croissants.

Prices for a room with bathroom and linen, Internet connection and breakfast vary from 40 to 60 Euros per night, up to 80-100 for a room in the city centre.

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Bed & Breakfast

Hotels reviews Price

La Maison Rouge 0

12 Passage Nationale

9.2/10 € 90

Chambre d'Hotes Un Air de Montmartre 0

6, Passage Lathuille

9.0/10 € 98

Bed and Breakfast Paris Centre 1

265 Rue Saint-Denis

7.4/10 € 99

Chambres de la Grande Porte 0

10 rue des Petites Ecuries

8.4/10 € 108

The Welcoming Dragon 1

90 avenue d'Ivry

9.2/10 € 109

Le Faubourg Paris 0

31 rue de Reuilly

9.0/10 € 110

Couleurs Paris 1

19 rue des Solitaires

8.9/10 € 115

Chambres d'Hôtes Couleurs Soleil 0

19 rue Oberkampf

6.8/10 € 140

La Maison de Lea Paris 0

36 rue Sedaine

9.2/10 € 145

* Hotel prices are per night per room and are subject to changes depending on the requested dates.